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HKS buys directly from the nation's largest resellers of computer products, giving us the ability to pass those savings along to our clients.

HKS also offers product recommendations, taking the guesswork out of buying computer equipment. That's something that can't be said about some larger retailers. Trust HKS to recommend the products that are right for you.

We offer discounts in the following areas:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Peripherals
  • Storage
  • Accessories
  • Networking


Want to shop for some of the best buys in hardware by yourself?  Try our secure on line sales site at www.hkssales.com or click the link below

Looking for something in particular and want us to do the research? Try our online price-quote.
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For more information, contact our office at (609) 443-5676, or by e-mail at admin@hkssolutions.com
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